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Empowering Change: MECLP’s Latest ECE Leadership Brief

Explore Maryland’s Early Childhood Education (ECE) leadership journey with our latest evaluation brief, Closing the Early Childhood Leadership Gap in Maryland: The Maryland Early Childhood Leadership Program. This comprehensive document sheds light on our rigorous approach and the impactful stories of our fellows, showcasing how MECLP equips leaders to drive change and champion equity in Maryland’s ECE landscape. Access the full document here and join us in shaping the future of ECE leadership.




MECLP in Action

  • Integrating The Principles of Ideal Learning Environments into State-Based Early Childhood Education Leadership Programs, a Guide written by MECLP under a grant from the Trust for Learning/New Venture Fund, illuminates the integration of the TFL’s Principles of Ideal Learning Environments into various components of the Maryland Early Childhood Leadership Program, illustrating that the Principles are well-aligned with the course syllabi, capstone projects and the Community of Practice webinars and leadership institutes. The full report can be found here.


Additional Resources

MECLP is committed to research-based learning for its cohort fellows.  This page contains current research leading to better outcomes in early childhood classrooms, programs, and communities.  Please see the Compendium of Leadership Programs for information about other nationwide programs that foster early childhood leadership.  In addition to including articles and reports from national journals, agencies, and non-profits, MECLP is excited to feature the work of cohort fellows as we contribute to growing and impactful research in the field of early childhood education.


Leadership in Early Childhood Education

Education as a vehicle to civic engagement

Mentoring and coaching

Improving outcomes in early childhood education

The role of philanthropy in the early childhood field

Early childhood mental health support

Early childhood policy 

Early childhood preparation

Equity in early childhood

Response to Covid 19

Professional development and in-service supports for early childhood educators

Supporting dual language students



The 10 Most Popular McCormick Center Resources in 2022 reflect their outstanding research and efforts. Click on the titles to read the full articles.

  1. How Self-Aware Am I?
  2. Mixed Emotions and the Return to National Conferences
  3. Recruiting, Selecting, Orienting—and Keeping What You Have
  4. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: When Values Become Actions
  5. Taking Small Steps to Strengthen Program Impact: Making the Most of Pedagogical Leadership
  6. The Impact of Race, Culture, and Language on the Leadership Journeys of ECEC Leaders of Color
  7. Cultivating Hope, Even on Our Toughest Days
  8. Listening: A Key to Cultural Competence
  9. All Aboard – Supporting Staff on Their Professional Development Journeys
  10. Mirrors and Windows in Your Preschool Classroom: Adding approachable LGBTQ+ representation to your program through your shared library


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